Disinfection of trolleys in 10 seconds flat

UV Flash

Disinfect your supermarket cart in just 10 seconds and eradicate up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses!

A simple and practical barrier to reduce the risk of transmission of Covid-19 viruses.

Why UV Flash?

With the health crisis not yet under control, many store managers want to ensure maximum safety for their staff and customers. One of the essential actions involves effective disinfection of the trolleys.

Our team of experts

The design team is made up of different profiles: engineers, electricians, mechanics, doctors in biochemistry and biosafety specialists who, during the containment, used their free time to launch this project.

Jean-François Colson


ULiège electromechanical civil engineer. After an experience in aeronautics, Jean-François is CTO of LASEA, which manufactures ultra-high precision laser machining machines, winner of several technological innovation awards. Jean-François is one of the co-founders of the OpenFlow cooperative and co-initiator and coordinator of the UV Flash project.

Vincent Dufour


Bachelor in computer science and automation. Vincent is an IT specialist at Safran Aero Boosters.
With a professional background in different fields with different approaches, he has acquired a significant experience which allows him to have a particular problem-solving methodology, which he shares, during the realization of different projects.

Jean Demarteau


A civil electrical engineer from UCL, computer scientist by passion and mechanical technician by impregnation, passionate about physics and mathematics, Jean is a problem solver at heart. This multidisciplinary approach helps him quickly understand the needs of his clients. He is a member of the OpenFlow cooperative and cooperates in the UV Flash project.

An initiative led by OpenFlow

The UV Flash equipment was imagined, designed and built by a dedicated team from the OpenFlow cooperative.

This team is made up of people of different professional profiles coming mainly from Liège and Namur, Belgium.

OpenFlow is a young cooperative based in Namur which brings together entrepreneurs and experts who want to get involved in projects with a strong human and societal impact.

With the Covid-19 health crisis, those experts have pooled their know-how more than ever in order to find solutions adapted to the new challenges generated by this unprecedented situation. Since March 2020, they have organized themselves to develop projects, solutions and technologies that meet the needs of the moment, while responding to the values ​​of solidarity, sustainability, collective intelligence and humanity as advocated by OpenFlow.


Do you want more information on how the machine works?
Send us a message to info@uvflash.be
Would you like to buy a UV Flash device?
You can contact Jean Demarteau at jean.demarteau@openflow.be